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To support the epitaxial deposition process, GlobiTech operates a 125,000 square foot facility. Currently in production are two 8,000 square foot Class-1 cleanrooms (Fab 1/Fab2) for 100mm through 200mm epi wafer production. Both cleanrooms utilize ballroom equipment configuration for optimal equipment placement and product flow. Waffle deck flooring is incorporated to provide uniform airflow throughout the room.

The facility is equipped with the following systems to support the cleanrooms and the epitaxial process:

  • True Class-1 cleanroom design with three level construction and waffle deck on cleanroom level.
  • Ultrapure DI-Water System
  • Bulk process gas and chemical delivery.
    • Liquid Hydrogen
    • On-site Nitrogen generation with Liquid Delivery backup.
    • TCS by ISO Trailer
    • HCl by Tube Trailer
    • SC1/SC2 clean chemistry by drums or totes.
  • Ultrapure piping installations for gas and chemical delivery.
  • Specially designed reactor exhaust abatement and control.


GlobiTech's factory was designed to employ the most advanced factory management systems. Automation and CIM (Computer Integrated Manufacturing) systems allow single wafer tracking throughout the factory, resulting in obtaining process history of every wafer throughout the process. Single wafer data combined with real-time statistical process control facilitates high quality and lower cost of ownership.  GlobiTech’s CIM capabilities include:

  • Process and metrology tool automation - recipe download, state control, data collection, and slot level wafer tracking.
  • Wafer level tracking by RFID throughout the fab.
  • Automated data collection and storage in an Oracle database.
  • Real time SPC for critical production parameters.

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